Governance Documents

Documents related to our Club governance are provided here. Click on the appropriate link below to access the specific password-protected PDF document.

  1. Junior Member
  2. # of Members
  3. Surviving Spouse
  4. Family Memberships
  5. Corporate Membership
  6. Board Meetings
  7. Annual Meeting of Members

    Proposed By-Law Amendments 2019

Board Minutes

The U Club Board of Directors meets monthly. Board minutes are provided below as password-protected PDF documents.

Membership Directory

The U Club Membership Directory is a confidential document and members are expected to treat it as such. Click on the link below to view the password-protected PDF document.

 Membership Directory 2019

Updated  January 2019

Members Only

Only members of the U Club can access specific documents pertaining to the Club's membership and governance. At this time, these links are all password-protected PDF documents online. Members may obtain the password from the U Club General Manager.